all those who terrorize the Christians

all those who terrorize the Christians? will receive terrified of God! and it is precisely for this reason that I have not sent yet retired the Illuminati 666 IMF! because, the terror is right for them: with all their allies bildenberg, freemasonry, ecc.. also... tutti quelli che terrorizzano i cristiani? saranno terrorizzati da Dio! ed è proprio per questo, che, io non ho mandato ancora in pensione gli Illuminati! perché del terrore, è giusto anche per loro

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02/13/2013. CHINA. For one Chinese mother, the one child policy is a horror that must end. The story of Cao Ruyi and her family, persecuted by the government for having a second child, is told by the president of the association that helped them escape and save their child from a planned forced abortion. China's government has never stopped its family planning policy, which in 30 years has imposed with violence 275 million abortions. New York (AsiaNews) - China's one child law is perhaps the worst horror of the country's Communist regime. In 30 years, the mad family planning policy has caused 275 million abortions, most by force and coercion. In the past few years, ordinary Chinese have begun standing up and demand a change through official channels. --ANSWER-- ALL the nations that are about to go to war?must increase the birth rate, and this? does not make sense for China. maybe you should think more, to a communist division of wealth,

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02/13/2013 [set: nationalism on religious identity: it is the death of hope against a happy future.] INDIA. More anti-Christian violence threatens Lent celebrations. Three incidents take place in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh in three successive days. Police complicity and the indifference of political authorities favour anti-Christian attacks by Hindu fundamentalists. Mumbai (AsiaNews) - In some areas of India, Christians are living in terror because of the lack of political will to stop anti-Christian violence and the complicity of police with criminals, this according to Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), who spoke to AsiaNews about the latest anti-Christian attacks last Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The worst attack occurred on Friday in Rajnandgaon (Chhattisgarh).

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[set: nationalism on religious identity: it is the death of hope against a happy future.] At least 100 members from Hindu nationalist groups Bajrang Dal, Rashtritya Sawayamsevak Sangh (Rss) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) stormed a church where a Pentecostal community, the Indian Christian Mission (ICM), was holding a three-day prayer meeting (7-9 February). Attackers beat up worshippers using iron rods, accusing them of forced conversions. More than 30 people ended up in hospital with major injuries. After treatment, the Christians were asked to leave by hospital staff who feared a possible attack by Hindu fundamentalists. Those who were not injured filed a complaint with police, but the latter rejected their request and instead filed a counterclaim against the Church and its members. On Saturday, a group of Hindu extremists led by the village chief in Nagpur (Jhabua District, Madhya Pradesh) attacked two Pentecostal clergymen during a prayer service.

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[set: nationalism on religious identity: it is the death of hope against a happy future.] The victims, Revs Jorder and Ilam, were taken to the Emergency Ward of the nearest hospital. In their case too, police refused to accept a complaint against the attackers, claiming that the church where the service was held was not registered as a place of worship. The last attack took place on Sunday in Adilabad District (Andhra Pradesh) when members of the Hindu Vahini, a local Hindu nationalist organisation, filed a complaint against a Christian, Anand Rao, for forced conversions. The latter had come to deliver a lecture on the Bible. Without checking on the veracity of the charges, police registered a complaint against the Christian man and took him into custody. He was released on bail the next day. "With the start of Lent, Christians will meet on frequent occasions to pray and celebrate Mass, both in public and in private.

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[set: nationalism on religious identity: it is the death of hope against a happy future.]For this reason, they should be protected," GCIC president Sajan George said. However, this kind of attack "shows that not only religious freedom and tolerance but also the rule of law are in danger," he added. See also: 09/24/2012 INDIA. Bible are burnt, Christians attacked to convert them forcibly to Hinduism. 11/17/2008 INDIA. Hindu extremists attack Pentecostal church in Mumbai. 01/25/2010 INDIA. Two churches attacked in the State of Karnataka. 05/06/2011 INDIA. 2008 Orissa massacres: Christians fast for justice. 11/16/2007 INDIA. Anti Christian violence peaks in India, fresh attack in Haryana. -- ANSWER -- IO HO VISTO DIO, PUNIRE SEMPRE I MIEI NEMICI!

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a dopo....uhuhuhuh....offline

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Ahahahahahah...sei un grande...e non bisogna neanche pagare il biglietto...

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nel giorno del giudizio universale: tu ed il Re dell'Arabia Saudita, voi sarete puniti, per l'immagine di dio coglione, crudele. idiota e bigotto, che, voi avete diffuso per il mondo

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Mi hai divertito anche oggi. Mi congratulo.

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se tu avessi un senso intuitivo? tu non avresti mai fatto una teologia di merda!

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AHAHAHAHA...l'ADSL cade a tutti...AHAHAHAHA...sveglia!

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invece, a te non succede mai niente, perché tu piaci ai satanisti

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a volte bloccano la ADSL, a volte bloccano proprio la pagina di questo server, a vota bloccato Ubuntu, cioè il sistema operativo.. ma, sempre in concomitanza con argomenti, particolarmente inquietanti? .. questo suscita dei sopetti.. o, noi dobbiamo essere obbligatoriamente ingenui?

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i fatti, si possono interpretare, ma, non si possono contestare!

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Peró quella del NWO che ti stacca l'ADSL le batte tutte...

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ma tu non lo sapevi che gli ultrasuoni non si possono sentire ? Solo i cani li sentono...ahahaha...a te dovrebbero dare il premio Oscar.

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CustodeDellaFede -- non voglio sporcare, la pagina, occupata: da articoli importanti, dove persone innocenti, perdono la vita: per colpa di religioni crudeli, ed ingiuste, come la tua, con argomenti, miei, privati, che, non hanno nessuna rilevanza, ne politica, e neanche religiosa, e che, quindi, sono argomenti insignificanti sul piano politico.. .. io non ho fatto nessuna analisi medica, tuttavia, per il mio medico, il fenomeno del fruscio: nelle orecchie, è un fenomeno del tutto naturale.. e forse: lui ha proprio ragione.. tuttavia, qualcosa di strano deve esserci: per me, avendo osservato la dinamica di questa fenomenologia da troppo tempo ... ma, questo, non è un problema: per nessuno, quindi, questo argomento. non merita, di fare perdere del tempo: a qualcuno!

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ahahahaha...é vero che tu senti gli ultrasuoni ? tu lo dicesti...ahahahah

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[nothing, of all this: hypocrisy Islamic: You have killed: many too: Christian martyrs innocent, and now it's time for you to die like dogs! Now put yourself in the ass, your law against apostasy, etc. ..] 02/12/2013. PAKISTAN - VATICAN. For Pakistan, Benedict XVI was a bulwark of religious freedom and a source of guidance for the Church. Minister Paul Bhatti is saddened by the resignation, but admires his courage and sense of responsibility. He remembers the pope's emotion after his brother Shabbaz was killed. For the archbishop of Lahore, the pontiff is an example of "prayer and devotion". For the bishop of Islamabad, he will always be a "source of inspiration". Islamabad (AsiaNews) - The announcement of Benedict XVI's resignation caught many by surprise, not only among leaders in the Pakistani Church, but also in government as well as influential moderate Muslim circles.

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[nothing, of all this: hypocrisy Islamic: You have killed: many too: Christian martyrs innocent, and now it's time for you to die like dogs! Now put yourself in the ass, your law against apostasy, etc. ..] Many, especially in the Muslim world, ask themselves how a pope can resign, what are the procedures of succession, hopeful that the new pontiff would continue the work of interfaith dialogue promoted by Benedict XVI. At the same time, both Christians and Muslims praised the "act of courage and honesty" by someone who is deeply respected in the Asian nation as well as around the world. Paul Bhatti, a Catholic and federal national harmony minister. Reports about the resignation surprised and saddened people. When I heard Benedict XVI's speech, I understood his profound courage, honesty and sense of responsibility. All we have to do is recall his commitment to minorities in Pakistan and religious freedom in the world.

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[nothing, of all this: hypocrisy Islamic: You have killed: many too: Christian martyrs innocent, and now it's time for you to die like dogs! Now put yourself in the ass, your law against apostasy, etc. ..] At each incident of anti-Christian persecution, he always intervened with prayers and words of comfort. I remember his emotion after the murder of my brother Shabbaz (a Minority Affairs minister killed by Muslim extremists in March 2011) whom he described him as a "martyr". Pakistani media, cabinet colleagues and Muslim leaders were struck and saddened by his decision, but also intrigued by the law that allows him to resign. Many already want to know about the future pope. They hope he will be as attentive to the Muslim world and interfaith dialogue as Benedict XVI was. Mgr Rufin Anthony, bishop of Islamabad/Rawalpindi. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has been for us an inspiration, a man of great courage.

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[all hypocrisy Islamic: You have killed: many too: Christian martyrs innocent, and now it's time for you to die like dogs! Now put yourself in the ass, your law against apostasy, etc. ..] It was a great honour for me to serve the Church under the leadership of someone with such a deep vision of the world and of the faith. The pope has always shown himself to be a humble man, ever close to God. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has been a symbol of unity and peace. His deep love for the Church and for the people of God has been remarkable. It has been an honour to have met such a charismatic personality. The pontiff led the Church into a new era of prayer and devotion. We respect and honour his decision. For our part, we plan to learn from his example, for what he did as pope and for what he will do in the future even after his retirement

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Dái...racconta il pezzo degli ultrasuoni.

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02/13/2013 VATICAN. Pope: I decided after praying at length and examining my conscience. At the General audience, Benedict XVI speaks for the first time in public about his resignation, "for the good of the Church." Catechesis dedicated to the temptations of Jesus, in which the devil seeks to "exploit God to use Him for his own interests, for his own glory and success." In today's society the choice: to be a Christian: needs to be renewed every day. Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "I decided to resign from the ministry that the Lord had entrusted me on April 19, 2005. I did this in full freedom, for the good of the Church after having prayed at length and examined my conscience.. --ANSWER -- OK! Holy Father to deal, with, World War III, that the Pharisees have patiently built. Holy Father:is not suitable: as the more milder doves: like you!

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1_8. Ezekiel 17 (for destruction, of: NAZI Islamic Qur'anic). Parable of the two eagles punishment of Zedekiah. Ez 19:5-9 (2R 24:10-20, 25:1-7; 2Chr 36:9-13) Ezekiel 17.1. The word of the LORD came to me in these terms: 2. "Son of man, propound a riddle, and tells a parable unto the house of Israel, and say to them: 3. Thus says the Lord GOD: "A great eagle (YHWH), the large wings, with long feathers, covered with feathers. Than (different colors: namely, every beauty and glory), came to Lebanon (1980 AD, I had 20 years), and off the top: a cedar. (lorenzojhwh: MORE NOBLE BOY). 4. they broke the highest twigs (lorenzojhwh), took him to a country of Commerce (Molfetta, Pontifical Theological Institute)

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2_8. Ezekiel 17 (for destruction, of: NAZI sharia Islamic Qur'anic) and put it: in a city of merchants (Catholic Church: as every other religion). 5. Then he took a spear in the country (lorenzoAllah), and put it: in a field for sowing (the vineyard: the Kingdom of God) placed, it by great waters (the power of the anointing: the Holy Spirit) and planted: as the a willow (with extraordinary fruitfulness of supernatural works). 6. It grew and became: a spreading vine of low plant, so: to have its branches facing eagle (YHWH), and his roots beneath her (right doctrine and grace). So it became: a vine that: made of leaves and put the branches.

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3_8. Ezekiel 17 (for destruction, of: NAZI sharia Islamic Qur'anic) 7. But: there was another great eagle (demon of religion, clericalism, idolatry, Salafis, dogmatic, ideological vision), with large wings, feathers and abundant (but does not have the colorful feathers: is, black bad), and behold: this vine(lorenzojhwh) turned her roots toward her, from the ground: where was planted, outstretched toward the eagle (clerical establishment) its branches: because: it the annaffiasse (1981 AD, I had 21 years). 8. It was planted: in good soil (religion human power), at: abundant waters (institutional power), so: you can put branches, bear fruit: and become: a wonderful life "(the ecclesiastical career) .9 . Say: Thus says the Lord GOD: "Will it thrive?

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4_8. Ezekiel 17 (for destruction, of: NAZI sharia Islamic Qur'anic) The first eagle (YHWH): will no tear perhaps: its roots and: not: will take away: its fruits to the point: that: is dried: and: to dry: all the young leaves: that: put? (started for me, a time of great aridity and desolation inner) Neither, we will need a lot of strength, neither of many people: to tear it from its roots. 10. Behold, it is planted. Prosper? Do not dry up, perhaps: completely: scarcely have touched the east wind? Wither on the ground where it has sprouted. '"[My God, who can satisfy your justice? Thou art a God, really picky!] This is the drying up: sterility, of every religious ministry, in every religious institution in the world [because God, is a jealous God].

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5_8. Ezekiel 17 (for destruction, of: NAZI sharia Islamic Qur'anic) 11. Then the word of the LORD came to me: in these terms: 12. "Thou, then: tell to a rebellious house (against: all religions of the world: fundamentalists, namely, also, against: all the accomplices of the seigniorage banking):" Know ye not, that, what these things mean? " Tell them: "Behold, the king of Babylon (the Pharisees, Rothschild: IMF U.S. 666): He came to Jerusalem (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), she took the king, and the chief, and led them: with itself, Babylon (Baal Peor: FED ECB IMF 666). 13. then took one of royal blood (king of Saudi Arabia), stated: a pact with him, and let him take the oath; have deported as well: the mighty men of the country,

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6_8. Ezekiel 17 (for destruction, of: NAZI sharia Islamic Qur'anic) 14. because the kingdom was kept humble without being able to raise, and observe those: the covenant: with him and maintained faithful. 15. But, the new king, he rebelled against him, he sent his ambassadors into Egypt (Arab League: international Islamist their "Muslim brothers") because they might give him horses and many men. He who makes such things will prosper? Will escape? He has broken the covenant by the Islamic empire: and could escape? 16. How true it is, that I live, says the Lord God in the land of the king, that: he had made king, and verse which did not comply with the oath, nor observed the covenant,

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7_8. Ezekiel 17 (for destruction, of: NAZI sharia Islamic Qur'anic) close to him, in the midst of Babylon (NWO), he will die. 17. Pharaoh: Enlightened Illumiinati Rothschild (IMF - NWO, USA), will not go: with: his powerful army: and: many men to help him: the war (against China and Russia), where: will rise ramparts and you build towers to kill many men. 18. He violated: the oath by breaking the covenant, yet, he had given his hand! He did all these things, and shall not escape. "19. Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD:" How true, that I live, my oath, that he has violated my covenant, which he broke, I will recompense them to him: on his head.

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8_8. Ezekiel 17 (for destruction, of: NAZI sharia Islamic Qur'anic) 20. Will tend to him: my net: and he shall be taken: in my snare, will deport: Babylon (with: Pharisees Illuminati: inro rthe Hell) and there I will enter into judgment: with him, for the treachery of which he was guilty, to me (for the killing: the alleged heretics (Shia) and the alleged idolaters: ie, innocent Christian martyrs). 21. All fugitives: of his troops: fall by the sword; those: that: will be scattered: to all the winds, you know, that I, the LORD, have spoken. " --ANSWER -- is a real fortune, by: the International Monetary Fund, which desperately needs: to kill billions of people, so that: a new monetary cycle can start again (scientist Giacinto Auriti)

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02/13/2013.[[ NEPAL-VATICAN. [is ours: more Holy Father] Hindus dedicate St Valentine's Day to the pope]]. Surprised by Benedict XVI's resignation, young couples exchange papal pictures and quotes in lieu of flowers. For Nepalis, the Holy Father is an example of love, sacrifice and spiritual strength. Kathmandu (AsiaNews) - Moved by news reports that the pope had resigned, Nepalis, Christians and non-Christians alike, have begun exchanging pictures and quotes from Benedict XVI in lieu of red roses and hearts as a way to dedicate this St Valentine's to him. Shilpa Sheresta owns a flower shop in the heart of the Nepali capital. "After the pope's retirement was announced, people began asking for pictures of the Holy Father rather than the usual St Valentine's gifts," she explained.

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[[ NEPAL-VATICAN. [is ours: more Holy Father] Hindus dedicate St Valentine's Day to the pope]]. Another shop owner in Kathmandu, Nikita Pradhan, was surprised by the number of "young people, of every faith, asking for gift packages that included a quote or a picture of Benedict XVI. To deal with the demand, we had cards printed with the pope's picture but quickly ran out. We ordered more, but we'll probably run out by St Valentine's." According to Kishor Khadka, the pope was a great example of love, sacrifice and spiritual strength. "For this reason, I am going to give my fiancée a picture of Benedict XVI as a symbol of affection and unity," said the young Hindu man. Although Christians represents little more than 1 per cent of the population, they have become (both Catholics and Protestants) an important point of reference in the fields of education and helping the poor.

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[[ NEPAL-VATICAN. [is ours: more Holy Father] Hindus dedicate St Valentine's Day to the pope]]. At the same time, dissatisfaction with political leaders is pushing more and more Hindus and Buddhists to look with interest at this religion and its representatives, including the pope. A recent survey showed that more and more people are buying Bibles and Gospels in the country. In fact, people pay closer attention to Benedict XVI's statements, especially those addressed to other religions. His message on the Day of peace in Assisi was widely circulated by non-Christian religious leaders as an example to follow. -- ANSWER -- HIS BETTER SERVICE TO THE CHURCH? AGAIN, MUST BEGIN! GLORY TO GOD FOR YOUR VALUABLE SERVICE, MY HOLY FATHER!

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Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus

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Adesto itaque, Dux invictissime, populo Dei contra irrumpentes spirituales nequitias, et fac victoriam. Te custodem et patronum sancta veneratur Ecclesia; te gloriatur defensore adversus terrestrium et infernorum nefarias potestates; tibi tradidit Dominus animas redemptorum in superna felicitate locandas. Deprecare Deum pacis, ut conterat satanam sub pedibus nostris, ne ultra valeat captivos tenere homines, et Ecclesiae nocere. Offer nostras preces in conspectu Altissimi, ut cito anticipent nos misericordiae Domini, et apprehendas draconem, serpentem antiquum, qui est diabolus et satanas, ac ligatum mittas in abyssum, ut non seducat amplius gentes.

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Virus nequitiae suae, tamquam flumen immundissimum, draco maleficus transfundit in homines depravatos mente et corruptos corde; spiritum mendacii, impietatis et blasphemiae; halitumque mortiferum luxuriae, vitiorum omnium et iniquitatum. Ecclesiam, Agni immaculati sponsam, faverrimi hostes repleverunt amaritudinibus, inebriarunt absinthio; ad omnia desiderabilia eius impias miserunt manus. Ubi sedes beatissimi Petri et Cathedra veritatis ad lucem gentium constituta est, ibi thronum posuerunt abominationis et impietatis suae; ut percusso Pastore, et gregem disperdere valeant.

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En antiquus inimicus et homicida vehementer erectus est. Transfiguratus in angelum lucis, cum tota malignorum spirituum caterva late circuit et invadit terram, ut in ea deleat nomen Dei et Christi eius, animasque ad aeternae gloriae coronam destinatas furetur, mactet ac perdat in sempiternum interitum.

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In Nomine Patris, et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.  Princeps gloriosissime caelestis militiae, sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio et colluctatione, quae nobis adversus principes et potestates, adversus mundi rectores tenebrarum harum, contra spiritualia nequitiae, in caelestibus. Veni in auxilium hominum, quos Deus creavit inexterminabiles, et ad imaginem similitudinis suae fecit, et a tyrannide diaboli emit pretio magno. Proeliare hodie cum beatorum Angelorum exercitu proelia Domini, sicut pugnasti contra ducem superbiae Luciferum, et angelos eius apostaticos: et non valuerunt, neque locus inventus est eorum amplius in coelo. Sed proiectus est draco ille magnus, serpens antiquus, qui vocatur diabolus et satanas, qui seducit universum orbem; et proiectus est in terram, et angeli eius cum illo missi sunt.

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Anyways brotherhooduniverse (and your other 50 accounts) this is where i leave you. you will never hear from me again. ive tried to help you but you refuse to listen. another words you believe what you want. as long as your aren't pestering anyone else with your bullcrap and trollisum. your pretty much invisible here.

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fine by me. your still screwed lol. also i know your just doing this for attention. and walk? is that it? wile your walking over me could you step on my back i need it adjusted cause its been a bit sore! XDD i dont take any of your crap seriously lol!

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666 davidevgen 322: IMF cult system agenda --- i am not discouraged! indeed, I will walk over your corpses

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@ king of Saudi Arabia - bad religion: it is the demon more ambiguous, it offends: The First Commandment: "You shall have no god before me!" "I am a jealous God", and I lost the anointing, the power of God, already once, when, I was 21 years old, so I had to wait 27 years, so, that, the anointing would fall into me, that, after, recognizing all my mistakes of a religious nature .. This is why, Jesus never wanted, to create a religion, because, without the outpouring of the Holy Spirit?, you can do only, the murderers, fanatics. That's why Jesus said: "the Father seeks: who worship in spirit and truth" .. your false doctrines? to have ideological and politicized religion .. is leading many Muslims to hell, with you

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@king Saudi Arabia -- la religione cattiva: è il demone più ambiguo, esso offende: il Primo comandamento: "non avrai altro dio: di fronte a me!" "io sono un Dio geloso!", ed io ho perso la unzione, la potenza di Dio, già una prima volta, quando, io avevo 21 anni, così, io ho dovuto attendere, 27 anni, affinché, la unzione potesse rientrare in me, cioè, dopo avere riconosciuto tutti i miei errori di natura religiosa.. ecco perché, Gesù non ha mai voluto realizzare una religione, perché, senza la effusione dello Spirito Santo?, si possono fare soltanto gli assassini fanatici. ecco perché, Gesù ha detto: "il Padre cerca: adoratori in spirito e verità".. le tue false dottrine? avere ideologizzato e politicizzato la religione.. sta portando troppi musulmani all'inferno, insieme a te

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face it! youtube finally but a cork on your spam (and whoever else) brotherhooduniverse so your basically wasting your life here since not nerly as many people look at this account. ha ha! XD

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king Saudi Arabia --- the fact that, the world outside of religion is full of depraved people: like him? this legitimate, any religion, but only as a means of salvation .. because only the relationship with God:(amore, splendor, mercy, peace, virtues) may be saving .. there is no privilege at infinite justice, then, every man is Abraham! This is why the spirit of religion is the demon more dangerous, because it is hidden in virtue, and, it is, for his fault, that, you did kill many Christian martyrs! and that you are cautious, in theological error, of believing Christians idolaters, etc.. . (as a devil, an liar god satanAllah: has sent your representatives: to swear in Assisi, "never kill someone (good man) In the name of God: never more")

02/13/2013 12:35
For one Chinese mother, the one child policy is a horror that must end
by Zhang Jing
The story of Cao Ruyi and her family, persecuted by the government for having a second child, is told by the president of the association that helped them escape and save their child from a planned forced abortion. China's government has never stopped its family planning policy, which in 30 years has imposed with violence 275 million abortions.

New York (AsiaNews) - China's one child law is perhaps the worst horror of the country's Communist regime. In 30 years, the mad family planning policy has caused 275 million abortions, most by force and coercion. In the past few years, ordinary Chinese have begun standing up and demand a change through official channels.
Meanwhile, associations (at home and abroad) have been set up to save mothers and children from state murder. Women's Rights in China is one of the most active. Its president, Jing Zhang, is a Catholic woman who survived forced labour camps and now lives in the United States. Her harsh life did not drive her away from the tragedy of the women who want to save their children from government persecution. Here is her story.
This baby (pictured) looks as adorable and lovely as all babies. However, he was in great danger while in the womb because of a man-made policy. After a long struggle and hardship, the baby has come into the world. The boy is named Li Dahai, "to reach the seas", to express his mother Cao Ruyi and the family's gratitude towards the concerned people overseas whose protest and aid led to his rescue.
On the morning of June 6, 2012 Family Planning Commission officials and dozens of auxiliary policemen barged into Cao Ruyi's home in the city of Changsha. She was 38 years old and pregnant for five months without a Birth Permit from the government. Cao was arrested and brought to the Hunan Province Women and Children's Hospital for forced abortion. Cao's husband was also beaten while he tried to protect her.
After receiving the news, Women's Rights in China urgently discussed how we could help. WRIC volunteers arrived in Changsha that night and got in touch with Ms. Cao through cell phone. She was able to tell me the details of the situation through long-distance phone call. Thankfully the seven or eight Family Planning agents guarding the entrance of her hospital room did not notice her talking.
On June 7, Congressman Chris Smith expressed his concern of this human rights violation. Ms. Cao later told me that a local Family Planning official threatened her, "Since you are tattling this to people abroad, I will look into the bottom of this. I have many friends in the army. We'll deal with you in our way."
Ms. Cao was shuttled to a nearby hotel since the hospital was full. Three rooms of the hotel were permanently reserved by the Family Planning Commission to detain "illegally" pregnant women like her who were about to undergo forced abortions. Ms. Cao was ill and traumatized, requiring frequent IV.
After the news had gone international, WRIC volunteers accompanied Cao's husband in negotiations with government officials, who let Ms. Cao return home, but not before forcing her to sign the Forced Abortion Order, promising to terminate her pregnancy before June 16. Her family had to put up 10,000 yuan as collateral, on top of over 100,000 yuan fine to be paid in the future. Cao Ruyi was finally home on June 10 after five days' ordeal.
Saving the life of the baby was the first priority. We devised a plan for Ms. Cao's escape. The couple changed all of their cell phone numbers immediately. Hiding far from home but relatively free of danger, they were cut off from all outside communications until Ms. Cao gave birth on October 15. In consideration of the family's safety and health, we did not disclose the news at that time.
While the Cao Ruyi case received international attention, more cases of forced abortions continued in China. Tragedies like Zhang Ronghua kept on happening, following the deaths of women like Feng Jianmei and Pan Chunyan. Congress and the European Parliament had condemned the inhumane One Child Policy and forced abortions in China.
In October 2012 however, an American organization declared in English and Chinese that the Chinese government had ceased forced abortions. China Aid, Women's Rights without Borders and other organizations refuted such misinformation. China's Forced Abortion policies are continuing. WRIC volunteers continue to uncover instances of forced abortions due to the One Child Policy in our investigations in rural China.
I had organized the report Forced Abortions Persist in Rural China. On October 2, Shandong Province woman Zhang Ronghua died on the operating table while ten months pregnant. On November 5, Xiao Weiting almost lost her life in the same hospital where Cao Ruyi was kept. Public statistics released by the Chinese government admitted to more than 275 million forced abortions in the 30 years between 1980 and 2009 during the Family Planning Policy. Whatever cases we could discover could only be the tiny tip of the iceberg.
In December 2012, WRIC volunteers visited Cao Ruyi's family again, bringing a donation of $300 from an American woman who had read her story from us. Cao Ruyi's husband Li Pu expressed deep gratitude to the many friends abroad who aided their cause, particularly Congressman Smith and Pastor Bob Fu. Without the help, he was certain that the life of the baby could not be saved.
"At their home, to think that such a little life had arrived in the world, I had to soften my step so I wouldn't disturb the baby's sleep." wrote WRIC volunteer Su Changlan after her December 8 visit to the family. While little Dahai could sleep contentedly in his mother's embrace, the child had no citizenship, no residency registration. He would not be eligible to enroll in public schools in the future. Cao Ruyi and her husband faced astronomical fines for "illegal birth" over 100,000 yuan (US$16,000). The troubles of the fines and the child's residency registration would continue to burden the family in their long and arduous journey.

Cao Ruyi
Cao Ruyi during her forced hospitalization
Cao, her husband Li Pu and little Li Dahai
Xiao Weiting, forced to have an abortion in the same hospital where Cao was held
Zhang Ronghua died on 2 October 2012 as a result of a forced abortion

05/02/2013 11:02
Segnali di guerra in Asia, mentre il sistema monetario si avvicina al collasso
di Maurizio d'Orlando
I molti focolai di tensione in Estremo oriente, ma anche in Africa del Nord, sono paralleli alla profonda crisi che investe l'economia americana e quella mondiale. Falliti i progetti keynesiani di Barack Obama, siamo vicini a una super-inflazione del dollaro, mentre i dati del mercato reale sono ai minimi storici. Sfiducia verso le Banche centrali.

Milano (AsiaNews) - I bombardamenti di Israele in Siria e l'attentato ad Ankara contro l'ambasciata Usa e prima ancora l'uccisione dell'ambasciatore americano in Libia nell'attentato di Bengasi (appena dopo che si era incontrato con l'ambasciatore turco per discutere della "fornitura" - o contrabbando ? - di armi da destinare alla ribellione siriana) disegnano uno scenario politico mondiale molto teso. Se si considerano poi le altre aree di tensione, tra Cina e Giappone, Israele ed Iran, la Corea del Nord nuclearizzata, il fronte magmatico tra Afghanistan e Pakistan, le difficoltà dell'Africa del Nord e quelle più in generale dell'Africa  Occidentale si arriva alla conclusione che un conflitto su larga scala potrebbe essere  prossimo. Un evento bellico di tale estensione non avrebbe però senso senza un forte sottostante squilibrio economico. Purtroppo molti fattori fanno ritenere che il collasso del sistema monetario ed economico attuale sia possibile ed ormai prossimo.
I fallimenti di Obama, Bernanke, Geithner
A più di cinque anni dall'inizio della crisi immobiliare negli Usa e dei titoli "sub-prime" ed a quattro anni dalla successiva crisi finanziaria innescata dal fallimento della Lehman (del settembre 2008) un semplice dato ci dice che l'economia mondiale è ben lontana da una reale ripresa. L'indice dei noli del carico secco, il Baltic Dry Index, BDI, si situa attorno a 750, leggermente superiore ai minimi di metà settembre 2012 (662) e di fine anno (698) ma in rapida discesa rispetto al 21 gennaio scorso (838). Siamo a livelli siderali di distanza dal massimo storico del BDI del maggio 2008 (11.793) ed a due passi dal minimo storico - dal 1986 - del 5 dicembre 2008 (663). È un indice molto significativo perché è un dato sintetico che riguarda la movimentazione di materie prime di base come il minerale di ferro, il carbone - fonte primaria di energia in Cina, la seconda, se non la prima, economia del pianeta - le granaglie (come la soia ed altri cereali). Niente può rendere più plastico ed evidente il fallimento delle teorie economiche keynesiane degli ultimi 50 anni, quando, con l'avvento della presidenza Kennedy nel 1961, divennero l'ortodossia economico- religiosa professata nei Paesi occidentali. Infatti,  su suggerimento dei "consigliori", i compiacenti premi Nobel per l'economia come Krugman e Stiglitz, la cura è stata quella classica: immettere liquidità. E una liquidità davvero enorme è stata immessa nel sistema da Bernanke, tramite la QE, la QE2, la QE infinito, coadiuvato da Tim Geithner al Ministero del Tesoro, (Stimulus I e II) e da tutto il governo del presidente nato, così ci dice, alle Hawaii, (l'Obamacare, la "Green economy"). Ad esso  si deve aggiungere  il volenteroso sostegno di ogni possibile espediente di spesa della Cia e del Pentagono, il cosiddetto keynesianesimo militare (cioè le guerre varie - la campagna d'Africa, la Primavera Araba, la lotta di "liberazione" di Libia e le altre piacevoli "scampagnate", senza contare l'Afghanistan e l'impegno indiretto in Iraq). Si è trattato davvero di una valanga di liquidità, di spesa in deficit, che secondo i sacri Veda del venerabile Keynes avrebbe dovuto rianimare la crescita.  L'effetto promesso, anzi garantito,  declamato dalla lirica della propaganda del nuovo Kennedy nero [1] - "yes, we can", sì, lo possiamo - non c'è stato: il tasso di occupazione stagnante e la crescita economica asfittica ne sono testimonianza. Nel gennaio 2009 la disoccupazione era al 7,80 % della forza lavoro nel gennaio 2013 al 7,90 % (dopo aver toccato un picco tra il 10,10 % ed il 9,80 % tra l'ottobre 2009 e l'ottobre 2010). Questi, ovviamente sono i dati ufficiali, calcolati sulla base dei parametri statistici introdotti nel 1994 che escludono i disoccupati di lungo periodo, che scoraggiati non cercano nemmeno più lavoro. Se si calcolassero anche costoro il dato vero sarebbe di una disoccupazione pari a circa il 23 %. Simile è il caso della crescita economica: il tasso di crescita nel 2012 è stato del 2,2 %, ma questo dato è ottenuto per differenza sottraendo al tasso di crescita nominale il tasso ufficiale di inflazione. Come invece ben sanno le massaie, il tasso reale di inflazione è più alto di quello ufficiale, sia negli Usa che altrove. Le attuali metodologie econometriche sottostimano infatti il tasso di inflazione e se si applicano i metodi di rilevazione in uso fino agli anni '80 osserveremo un tasso di inflazione ben più elevato e per conseguenza scopriremmo che negli Usa la crescita economica è stata in realtà negativa, -2% circa [2]. Ancora più preoccupante è la una contrazione nei dati ufficiali, una crescita negativa, pari a -0,1 % nell'ultimo trimestre, che segnala l'inizio di una nuova recessione. Nonostante, dunque, la potenza di fuoco, in termini di incremento della spesa pubblica, Obama, l'eroe del riscatto dei diseredati, asseverato nella loro saggezza da quasi tutti i guitti di Hollywood e dagli onniscienti esperti televisivi ma anche dai seriosi burocrati e dai baroni universitari del politicamente corretto ha di fatto fallito.
Debito pubblico alle stelle
Alcuni splendidi risultati, però, Obama, il presidente americano più prontamente insignito con il premio Nobel per la pace, li ha davvero sortiti, grazie ai suoi "consigliori" keynesiani: ad esempio il più rapido incremento del debito pubblico in rapporto al PIL in epoca di pace. Era il 40,2 % a fine 2008, mentre a fine 2012, con circa 16.432 miliardi di dollari, il debito pubblico è arrivato a toccare quasi il 105 % del PIL, senza contare, ovviamente, gli impegni privi di copertura, messi a carico delle generazioni future, e senza contare il sostegno al sistema bancario e finanziario, posto nominalmente a carico della Fed, che ammonta al doppio del PIL. Un altro splendido risultato è stato l'incremento dell'indice della Borsa americana S&P 500, che dopo il tonfo del 2008 - il 20 novembre l'indice aveva toccato 752, il minimo dal 1997 - si è prontamente ripreso ed a 1513 è di nuovo molto vicino ai livelli massimi precedenti la crisi. In questo Obama ha agito davvero bene, facendo diligentemente gli interessi dei suoi veri patrocinatori elettorali: non le masse dei discreditati, ovviamente, ma le grandi finanziarie di Wall Street ed i fondo speculativi, che a suon di contributi milionari lo hanno catapultato al comando[3].
Ora, però, chi non vuol ascoltare l'indice "spanno-metrico" della massaia, perlomeno osservi il BDI, come misura della realtà:  la divergenza tra indice S&P 500, le quotazioni di borsa, ed il BDI, il trasporto di carichi secchi, è davvero impressionante. Uno è vicino ai massimi, l'altro ai minimi. Quale dei due rifletta meglio la realtà non è difficile stabilirlo: secondo informazioni di mercato (riferite da Clarkson's, uno dei maggiori mediatori mondiali di noli) la mancanza di attività nel settore dei carichi secchi, di fissati reali, è marcata e non è dovuta solo al normale rallentamento connesso con le festività del capodanno lunare cinese. Logico è perciò pensare che a riposizionarsi sia piuttosto l'indice di Borsa S&P 500 finora sostenuto dalle abbondantissime iniezioni di liquidità della Fed. È infatti difficilmente ipotizzabile che la Fed possa continuare ad alimentare la Borsa senza rischiare a questo punto una forte fiammata inflazionistica, con il greggio di riferimento, il Brent, già a 116 $ al barile, non lontano dai massimi a 150 $ bbl toccati nel 2008 poco prima della crisi Lehman. Più probabile è invece che al minimo segno di rallentamento dell'immissione da parte della Fed di nuova e sovrabbondante moneta a costi vicini allo zero, i tassi d'interesse possano risalire e le quotazioni di Borsa possano subire un crollo dalle altezze artificiali su cui si situano attualmente.
Se prendiamo il BDI come misura del reale, un ritorno dell'indice S&P 500 a livelli intorno ai minimi del novembre 2008, circa la metà di quelli attuali, sembra essere plausibile. A catena un crollo del 30 - 50 % della Borsa americana verrebbe ad influenzate tutte le Borse mondiali, trascinerebbe con sé le quotazioni delle materie prime non energetiche ed in particolare i metalli ferrosi e non ferrosi. Si può così innescare una nuova crisi dei derivati, in gran parte legati sia ai tassi d'interesse, che alle quotazioni di Borsa, che agli indici finanziari, che alle materie prime ed alle valute. A catena, dunque, una riedizione della crisi dei derivati porterebbe, pertanto, ad una nuova aspra crisi bancaria e finanziaria. Per logica, ne conseguirebbe poi il collasso del dollaro ed infine la perdita di credibilità delle Banche centrali, il cui bilancio è ormai gonfiato all'inverosimile di titoli tossici, obbligazioni di fatto prive di valore perché i debitori non dispongono di una reale capacità di onorare gli impegni presi.

[1] Un "Kennedy nero", progressista e libertario, che come prima cosa ha liberalizzato l'aborto fino all'ultimo mese, cioè l'infanticidio, e continua a lottare per i diritti dei fratelli e sorelle gay e lesbiche.
[2] Vedi Shadow Government Statistics:
[3]  Vedi MdO,, 14/11/2008,   Obama, la crisi e il nuovo ordine mondiale
13/02/2013 12:35
India, nuove violenze anticristiane. A rischio le celebrazioni per la Quaresima
di Nirmala Carvalho
Gli ultimi tre incidenti sono avvenuti in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh e Andhra Pradesh a un giorno di distanza l’uno dall’altro. La connivenza della polizia e l’indifferenza delle autorità politiche favoriscono gli attacchi di fondamentalisti indù contro cristiani.

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - In alcune zone dell'India, la comunità cristiana vive nel terrore per l'assenza di volontà politica nel fermare le violenze e per la complicità della polizia con i criminali. A lanciare la denuncia è Sajan George, presidente del Global Council of Indian Christians (Gcic), dopo tre nuovi attacchi anticristiani avvenuti l'8, il 9 e il 10 febbraio scorsi in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh e Chhattisgarh.
L'aggressione più grave è quella avvenuta l'8 febbraio a Rajnandgaon (Chhattisgarh). Almeno 100 attivisti dei gruppi nazionalisti indù Bajrang DalRashtritya Sawayamsevak Sangh (Rss) e Vishwa Hindu Parishad (Vhp) sono piombati in una chiesa, dove la comunità pentecostale Indian Christian Mission (Icm) aveva organizzato un raduno di preghiera (7-9 febbraio). Gli aggressori hanno picchiato i presenti con spranghe di ferro, accusandoli di conversioni forzate. Più di 30 persone sono finite in ospedale per le ferite riportate, mentre gli altri hanno denunciato il fatto alla polizia. Dopo essere stati medicati, i cristiani sono stati invitati ad andarsene per evitare che i fondamentalisti attaccassero l'ospedale. Intanto, la polizia ha cancellato le denunce dei fedeli e formulato un'accusa contro la Chiesa e i cristiani.
Il giorno dopo a Nagpur (distretto di Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh), un gruppo di estremisti indù guidato dal capo del villaggio ha pestato due pastori pentecostali durante un servizio di preghiera. Le vittime - il rev. Jorder e il rev. Ilam - sono stati ricoverati d'urgenza nell'ospedale vicino. La polizia si è rifiutata di registrare una denuncia contro gli aggressori, sostenendo che la chiesa in cui si stava svolgendo la celebrazione non è registrata come luogo di culto.
L'attacco più recente è quello occorso il 10 febbraio nel distretto di Adilabad (Andhra Pradesh). Alcuni attivisti dell'Hindu Vahini, organizzazione locale di nazionalisti indù, hanno denunciato un cristiano, Anand Rao, accusandolo di conversioni forzate. L'uomo era in città per tenere una lezione sulla Bibbia. Senza verificare la veridicità dell'accusa, le forze dell'ordine hanno registrato la denuncia e arrestato l'uomo, che è stato liberato su cauzione il giorno seguente.
"Con l'inizio della Quaresima - sottolinea Sajan George - i cristiani si riuniranno spesso per pregare e celebrare la messa, in pubblico e in privato, e per questo devono ricevere protezione". Attacchi del genere, spiega, "mostrano che non sono in pericolo solo la libertà religiosa e la tolleranza, ma anche lo Stato di diritto".

 02/13/2013 11:43
Card. Gracias: New pope will probably younger, but will continue legacy of Pope Benedict XVI
The archbishop of Mumbai is one of the 119 cardinal electors. The future pope will continue along the path of Ratzinger to deal with bigotry, materialism and relativism. Bringing the universal Church "closer to Christ" and "proclaiming the gospel to the world without fear."

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - "Continuing the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI, starting with the new evangelization", for Card. Oswald Gracias, archbishop of Mumbai and president of the Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI), this is the first challenge for the new pope, who will be appointed after February 28 next, when Benedict XVI steps down from the Petrine ministry. A choice which, together with the general astonishment, raises the question of the problems and challenges will face the new bishop of Rome.

The Indian cardinal, born in 1944, is one of the 117 cardinal electors who will sit in conclave to elect a successor to Ratzinger. No easy task, he told AsiaNews, but one that is already enlightened "by clear program entrusted to us by Pope Benedict XVI." The new evangelization, before anything else, "on which the Holy Father also convened a Synod." For this reason, said the archbishop of Mumbai, "we will pursue all indications, following the right direction, this is important", as well as being "the only way to address the specific challenges of this era: fanaticism, materialism, and even relativism, of which Benedict XVI has often spoken".

In addition to this, notes the CBCI President, "another issue that the new pope will have to deal with is bringing the Church closer to Jesus Christ, to present the values ​​of the Gospel. The Church must maintain and strengthen its spiritual leadership in the world. "

As president of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences (FABC), Card. Gracias often had the opportunity to discuss the Church in Asia with the Holy Father. A reality that is still young, said the cardinal, that "is very close to the Pope, but does not need special attention. Rather, I believe that the pope should focus on the whole universal Church, and certainly every church draws lessons from his leadership."

In his personal experience, he says, "I always felt the support and strength of Pope Benedict XVI for the Church in India, and we always look to the Pope and Holy See for instruction and guidance".
Card. Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, is currently visiting India as papal delegate to celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the CBCI. "From a certain point of view - explains Card. Gracias - his presence helps u sto feel the pope more closely. Whenever I met Benedict XVI we talked of India, of his great love for this land, and of course also the next pope will feel the same love and the same concern for our country too, because the Indian Church needs and will be very happy to have an ongoing collaboration with the Holy Father, and receive guidance, advice, direction and strength " .

Among immediate reactions, some argue that the new pope must be younger than Ratzinger at the time of his election. According to Card. Gracias "what really counts is the quality of the person. Pope Benedict XVI retired because of his age, not because of the chronological fact of his age, but because he felt his strength was waning." This condition, recognizes the cardinal, "can come when you are older, but it is not a mathematical equation. I assume that the next pope will be younger than Benedict XVI, but at this moment the most important thing is that he be a unique person, a firm and profound spiritual guide. And that he proclaim the Gospel to the world without fear. " (GM)